mercoledì 5 agosto 2009


The Boozefighter Motorcycle Club (BFMC), one of the first American working-class motorcycle clubs, was formed in 1946 by veterans fresh out of World World II. “Wino” Willie Forkner (deceased 1997) is recognized to be the founder. The BFMC were at the mythical Hollister, California incidents of July 4, 1947 (the seminal event in "outlaw biker" culture) which was immortalized by the movie The Wild One, starring Marlon Brando. Was the event as wild as reported? Or, in truth, was it even wilder? The answer is found in this book filled with first-person accounts from past and present members of the Boozefighters and others on the scene. It's a true story that is more interesting than the caricatured outlaw legend that has grown up around the name Hollister.

The BFMC is one of the oldest, active motorcycle clubs in existence. The Boozefighters have never been “one percenters” or an outlaw biker club. Their mottos are, “The Original Wild Ones” and “A drinking club with a motorcycle problem.”

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